Questions, Answers, and More Questions

It’s no secret nor should it be; I’ve asked more questions and spent time I couldn’t afford – each yielding nothing to my question answered. WHY AM I SO DAMNED SICK?!?! Recap, in earlier posts, I’ve shared my frustration and grief over being so sick with symptoms and tests not revealing the cause for Illness […]

“PTSD! Thou Art a Heartless Bitch”

I talk about PTSD on another page here titled ‘Dysfunction Junction’. On that page is where I explore the “HOW” it came about, but I’d like to talk about something else. What it’s like living with it and how it likes to peek out and remind me that it’s still there like TODAY. First things […]


  Indira has a new chapter. It’s graphic and horrific. There’s something therapeutic about writing about something similar that happened to me but about someone else. It’s like being able to talk about something horrible without all the emotional repercussions.  Don’t get me wrong. I felt my heart break for Indira, but it isn’t as […]