Life is…

I’ve done something to help myself, and some of my family and friends will be praying for my soul when I tell them. I’ve come out of the closet. The RELIGIOUS CLOSET. I’m a Buddhist. That’s right. If your heart just stopped, after it starts beating again, feel free to pray for my immortal soul, […]

Getting Handsy

Recently, all of the typing, sewing, and cleaning I have been doing has brought back an old and familiar foe. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Anything that inhibits my ability to create is an enemy that must be destroyed. My hands are a part of the storytelling thought process. Without their use and stuck using Dragonspeak which […]


  Indira has a new chapter. It’s graphic and horrific. There’s something therapeutic about writing about something similar that happened to me but about someone else. It’s like being able to talk about something horrible without all the emotional repercussions.  Don’t get me wrong. I felt my heart break for Indira, but it isn’t as […]

Money and Insanity

  There are more places to put money than money to go around. I actually went into the laundry room, turned off the light, bent over, and worked on simply breathing while our unbalanced washing machine masked the noise of me trying not to cry. One thing that I do when I’m super stressed is […]


Long ago, I fought a battle and won. My life – my reward. My heart – nearly empty and undone.   Not all rewards are full of wealth. Some are beautiful but with thorns. And, my smiling face is false with stealth.   My reward is falling to the ground, But I would never give […]

“We heard you’re expecting…”

How many times have I seen this subject line in my inbox? I’m sure there’s a way to count it, but I’d rather not which, incidentally, is how I feel about seeing that subject header. Around Valentine’s Day of this year (2013), I was feeling “off”. I have a history of diabetes that periodically comes […]

1.5 Class Citizens

I have Asthma, and, I think I speak for all people with Asthma, it SUCKS. I see specialists, take pills, inhale stuff, and get shots. So, when I started having untraceable symptoms, I thought, “Great. Here we go, AGAIN.” Still, I called around and finally got a hold of a nurse @ UTMB who advised […]

What Would Jung Do?

Dreams are fascinating… so much so that millions of books on the subject have been sold. Most of these books are on deciphering dreams which is a favorite past-time of Jason and and mine – especially deciphering mine because they rarely make any sense or are straight forward. The most bizarre dreams I have are […]