Indira (A Work of Fiction)


This is not a nice story. It is about an innocent teenage girl whose only mistake was taking a ride to school from a boy in her class.

The boy rapes her.

So, if this is a trigger for you, I don’t advise you read it. It is very brutal in a few places, but there will be resolution for her in the end.

Also, this is a free-flow-write. In other words, I’m not proofing, editing, or over thinking verbiage or grammar. This is my place to do as I please. I leave the over-thinking, buffing, polishing, plucking, and lacquering for the Furious Series.

If you do decide to continue reading, I appreciate any feedback you have. Also, I welcome questions, but if you’re a creep, I will block you from the page by your IP address.


I’ve been asked a few questions – privately.

1. Are you writing based on personal experience?

Yes, I am. I was an adult unlike Indira.

2. Is this politically motivated?

Mmm… yes and no… more no than yes. I DO live in Texas which is quickly catching up with Oklahoma regarding stripping Women’s Rights. I support civil rights for all. I stand behind the idea of… “Strip one group whose only crime is genetics, and you open a door to take away from other groups.” Really, this is more a therapeutic experience. It’s easier to explore issues via another character when you’re not really ready to look at them yourself. No, I’m not fully ready, but I don’t think I ever will be.

3. Are you pro-abortion?

I don’t know anyone that is pro-abortion. I’m not pro-abortion, and it’s a little one-sided to ass-u-me that.

4. Where did you come up with the name Indira?

Indira Gandhi. I figured with her being a child of “Hippies”… Indira would be a good name.

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