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I Love These, and You Will, Too!

There are so many things in the world that I love. If I’m sharing it here? Then, it should be nominated for “Most Awesome Sh!t Ever”!

Artist Jon Garner

I want to see this Awesomeness.

Artboy76 is the genius that celebrities, family, friends, and other artists scrabble to snatch up his unique pieces to hang on their walls.

Artist Jon Garner and I became friends in High School at the gulag known as Deer Park. They say adversity is great creative fuel; and, if that’s true? We’re parked right on top of a huge repository that will outlive several generations. Some would say that we were the “weeds in the daisy patch” known as Deer Park.

Nope, we’re Bluebonnets on the side of Texas Roadways. Jon is a true artistic genius behind the unique works on the wood flooring of the now closed concert venue, Fitzgerald’s aka Fitz’s. Go check out his site, like him on social media, and follow him everywhere.

Do you really want to say, “Damn! I should’ve bought that.” See it, buy it, and admire it.