The Bigelow Benefits I WASN’T Expecting

The Cuppa Tea That Led Me Here… Writing a Post

I love TEA. I LOVE IT so much that we buy what we can’t get locally @ H-E-B, the pride of Texas grocery shopping, in bulk on-line. Yep. I’m completely serious.
Caveat: World Market does do second-string duty justice. If you haven’t signed up for the rewards program and just shop there only once a year, it’s still worth it! Up to 15% off our just casing curbside w/ no exclusions on food except alcohol… No people and a discount?!?! Where do I sign up ?!?!
Getting away from waxing philosophical…
I drink it for a variety of reasons – mainly to chill the fuck out. No. No ” special” tea. Just what you’d find on the shelf of a standard grocery shelf with only water and average sweetener.
So, Bonnie, what is the purpose of this phenomenally boring-ass post?
Well, my dear reader, I’ll explain.
My Heart and Your Heart. No. no. no. Not about the love of tea… The care of this easily lost and quietly damaged organ.
Unless you were blessed with genes that (speaking for everyone – we all love and hate you for this amazing hand you were dealt)  keep your heart in near perfect conditon… then listen UP!
My little story:
I brewed a nice, energizing cuppa of Bigelow Benefits Focus – a blend of black tea, black tea extract, moringa leaves, ashwagandha root, and turmeric root. I know – tea snobs clutching your pearls… BIGELOW! “How Average!”
I WANT a diluted bunch o’ leaves!
Well, I dropped a bag of the Bigelow into a big ol’ mug along with a few favorite herbal, caffeine-free choices. This mug is a 36-ounce, monster of a mug. So… four other selections of herbal tea bags leaving five bags total.
About 20 ounces into my cup, I noticed that I was feeling off… more so than usual… which was about the same time my smart watch got fucking clue alerting me that my heart rate was abnormal. How abnormal? 1 8 8
Aye. 188 BPM
And, what was this insanely strenuous activity causing the surge in my BPM? Lifting heavy things? Running from danger? Dancing?  Reading “Hiding In Plain Sight” by Sarah Kendzior or any other horror? What?
Sitting at my PC admiring the Bath & Body Works Sale. Heads-up…  the sale sucks. But, none of that would’ve brought my BPM over 76. In fact, my BPM? Usually 55 – 80 BPM activity dependent.
The TEA…! WTH?
The timeline fit. That’s about when my body would have released that stuff into my blood-stream.
What exactly caused this?
My bet?
It’s one thing to brew black tea… FYI: most iced teas, unless stated otherwise, are black tea. There’s nothing wrong with black teas. They are DELICIOUS!
But Black Tea Extract has a bit of mystery. We know that it’s a caffeine power-house… but it varies. Like all supplements, it’s not well regulated.
However, my HR didn’t lie nor did my watch, oximeter, or my ability to just flat out count my BPM using my fingertips and a clock.
188 BPM because of tea.
So, be safe consumers my friends. I plan to keep my brew time to half (2mins) with this particular tea, and only drink it in lieu coffee if I need help waking up in order to human effectively.
Enjoy your beverages!!!

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