One Of the Worst

on behalf of Strudel and her Family…

I recently wrote about the loss of my canine brother, Skittles. My family is still grieving; so, when I saw this posted by a fellow animal lover and friend, I knew that all people should know that the post that I’m going to share with the author’s permission actually happened.

It shouldn’t have.

With deepest sympathy for Strudel and her Family…

“Strudel got her real wings today and another piece of my heart is missing. Today was the day we’re been dreading since Strudel was diagnosed with kidney failure in November. We extended her life to 14 1/2 years with medications and subcutaneous fluids. Had hoped she’d survive past the Covid pandemic so we could both be present at the euthanasia as we have been for all of our dogs. We want our touch, scent and voice to be the last thing they know. This clinic* has a Covid policy to allow only one masked pet parent in the exam room. We’ve done all our vet exams since March via parking lot drop off and teleconference. Glen and I floated the idea of an in-home euthanasia, but the price was extremely high and appointment probably not immediate. So we agreed that only Glen would be present at the moment of her passing in the exam room and I’d wait in the car. She’d be on her soft blanket smelling like home with someone who might be able to hold his tears for the ride home. We arranged the vet appointment, and asked for an exception to both be present, but were denied. Then a terrible day got much worse: the vet tech carried Strudel away to sedate her and the vet stuck her head in the door to say they’d euthanize her in the back. I don’t know why Glen didn’t stop her, maybe too shocked, caught off guard, grieved or meek. When he came back to the car, I asked if her passing been peaceful and he said “I don’t know, they took her away.”
I ran for the office and pounded on the door, hysterically screaming they stop, return my dog to me. First they put me off, blamed Covid policy, didn’t let me in, returned to say, too late, she’s dead. Then the office manager lets me in, and presents my poor dead dog to me in the same exam room and stands there 3 feet away, commiserating while I’m sobbing over her body and asking “why is it OK for me to be here NOW and not 15 minutes ago when you were killing her? A horrible day made worse by a clinic who failed to make clear up front that despite being allowed in the exam room, they’d still do the euthanasia like a drop off. What was the point of even going in? I am done with this clinic”. I’ve never liked their policy exams “in the back” while I sit alone on a bench in a “exam” room that’s really just a consultation room. I would welcome any recommendations from from friends in SW Houston for a vet clinic which is more transparent, still has great diagnostic tools and vets and is also willing to treat exotics, including permitted wildlife.”

*changed at the request of the author

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