In Honor of My Brother with Paws, Skittles…

There is nothing harder than losing someone that you love. So, when my Mom told me that by little brother was crossing the Rainbow Bridge, a pain I know all too well gripped me in sympathy for what my mom and stepdad, Cary, were going through.
And, yes, Skittles lived a great life. I’m grateful that Mom and Cary are my parents, but Skittles, I’m sure, knew that he was living “the posh life” for a dog. I do have to say… my dogs have ALWAYS been insanely spoiled. What’s the point of having a pet if you don’t spoil them even if it’s just a little bit?
As a pet parent, my dogs have gotten (and get) car rides galore, treats a little too often putting them at the upper end of the healthy weight range, the best dog food for them depending on their breed or breeds of origin, and go EVERYWHERE THAT I CAN GET AWAY WITH TAKING REALLY BIG DOGS.
Every single dog that I’ve had the privilege of adopting has had (has) personality for DAYS. The longer they were with us… the more those personalities would show.
My point is this… Skittles was NO DIFFERENT when it came to personality. It was bigger than his Rat Terrier stature – oh so big! He was beloved by so many. I swear my Granny Betty would have dognapped him if she could have gotten away with it without a shred of guilt. He was her perpetual companion when she was undergoing cancer treatment – just happy to sit in her lap and be lavished with her honeyed words, special treats, and never having to ask for his worship via pets and scratches. He was her “Beautiful Boy!”
He never went without and repaid that privilege with love over and over again.
That’s pets for you.
They give us so much more than we ever could no matter how much we give them.
Knowing how much he was loved by everyone in the family, we’re all grieving but no one more than my parents which was why, with copious help from my Aunt Jan, I organized a PayPal Pool for Skittles’ Memorial Stone. My mom had commented on the occasions that she’d visited how much she loved the engraved river stone memorial spot in our garden that we have for our dogs.
Rather than being able to get hugs, visits from loved ones, and all the things we do for the people we love when they lose someone they love, a PayPal Pool and “snail mail” greeting card was the best I could do in the age of COVID.
And, even if people couldn’t donate, they reached out in any way that they could to my mom which is what is most important – letting her know that no matter what whether in good, bad, happy, sad times… all the time that we love her.
Remembering is important. And, remembering to reach out to the people that we care about to let them know that we love and care about them is an expression of “Ohana”.

Thank you to everyone that donated! And, thank you to everyone that has reached out and remembered.

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