You’re Already Detoxing

human liver

That illustration is of the human liver. It’s a fascinating organ and does all kinds of really cool stuff.

It produces bile which helps carry away waste and break down fats in the small intestine during digestion. I think that one’s self explanatory.

It converts glucose, aka. sugar, into glycogen for storage that can be converted back into glucose for later use. Ever hear a trainer tell you the best time for aerobic activity for weight loss is early in the morning BEFORE breakfast? Ding, ding, ding! That’s right! The liver converts stored glycogen back to glucose which, in a healthy adult, can boost weight loss. 🙂

Plasma, plasma, plasma… and not the weapons in Halo. I’m talking about proteins necessary for healthy BLOOD PLASMA. The liver produces that, too.

If it weren’t for your liver, your arteries would be hopelessly clogged. The liver is responsible for the healthy production of cholesterol.

You’d also be as sturdy as over-cooked spaghetti if it weren’t for your liver. It regulates amino acids in the blood. Amino acids… those bad boys are the building blocks of life.

Stay with me… I’m gushing about the liver, I know. I’ll get there.

HEMOGLOBIN AND IRON! The liver is the body’s equivalent of Ironman. It has the largest store of iron in the body. Can’t live without iron.

If it weren’t for your liver, you’d bleed to death. It also regulates blood clotting.



Your liver is currently detoxing your body for you.

Drugs and other substances not native to the human body… BAM! Your liver is removing ’em from your bloodstream. And pathogens? BAM! Your liver produces immune factors and kicks bacteria in your bloodstream to the curb.

Like crime drama? Pay attention to the coroner and see if they talk about analyzing the liver. Most poisons, meds,  and “toxins” have a ‘half-life’.

noun: half-life; plural noun: half-lifes
  1. 1.
    the time taken for the radioactivity of a specified isotope to fall to half its original value.
    • the time required for any specified property (e.g., the concentration of a substance in the body) to decrease by half.

Analysis can tell how long a chemical was introduced to the body by looking at the liver because it’s your body’s filter. It takes all that crap you ingest and sends it on its way.

The only instance that your liver won’t do this is if 3/4 of all hepatic (of the liver) cells are severely compromised or are necrotic (dead or in the process of dying without hope of revival).

So, basically, all those wonderful detox recipes… really… they’re just pills or foot baths or full baths or drinks or whatever designed around a fad to take your money or just keep you roped into the fad. Hey, if it’s not going to jack up your sugar and tastes good, it can’t hurt.

If you are REALLY dead set on detoxifying… here’s my recommendation. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, steer clear of meat (we don’t really know what’s going into it any more; yes, I do eat meat), drink at least a gallon of water and only water each day (no, I’m not kidding), don’t drink alcohol, keep your caloric intake between 1500-1700, and do this for a week at the most.

The most important thing you can do to “Detox”? Get a physical every year complete w/ blood work. Your liver and kidneys will take care of the rest.

The liver kicks ass!

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