Whatever you do… DON’T DROP IT!

Recently, I replaced this


The HTC One X

With this


The Nokia Lumia 920.

There, that’s better. Center alignment gets on my nerves after a while. Anyway, I loved the HTC until it started dropping the network connection requiring a restart (or reboot for you IT fans). I notified AT&T (and, no, I don’t care that they are the devil) who tried to help me, but I decided to stick it out.

Then, the HTC started dropping calls which wasn’t a big deal until it began to shut off in the middle of phone calls and couldn’t be turned back on for 10+ minutes. Really, there was no reason for this to be happening in 65 degree, sunny weather. It was malfunctioning.

I called AT&T back and let them know that it was potentially affecting my safety. I was thinking “What happens in an emergency when I need to get a hold of emergency services, and the phone I bought a little over a year ago can’t do that?” That’s not an unreasonable request for a service my husband and I pay for…

Anyway, so, The devil… I mean AT&T let me choose another phone. I went through all the pros and cons with the incredibly patient customer service rep and came to the conclusion that I didn’t need the latest and greatest (read… MOST EXPENSIVE) phone out there. I just need key features.

– Great Camera

– Ease of Use

– Killer Sound

 – A lot of Memory

– And a truckload of happy customer reviews

The Nokia Lumia 920 fit the bill @ $50. Plus, it’s RED… the devil’s color… I mean… it’s RED like my hair is… for a while. 😉

I thought I was a die-hard Android customer. As it turns out, I was wrong. I’ve had an iPhone which didn’t impress me. The rest of the phones I’ve had that don’t pre-date iPhone and Android have been Android which I really like.

I really like the Windows phone platform. It’s easy to use, and it interfaces with iPhone and Android without the innate competitor interface issues (read… deliberate competitor bitchiness).

There is one HUGE CON.

It’s about as durable as this…


I’m not kidding. I dropped it less than 24 hours after receiving it. The screen shattered. I was horrified.

So, if you’d like a phone that’s really kick-ass and don’t care that you have to outfit it in a Ballistic brand case and 5 feet of bubble wrap, you’ll love the 920! Did I mention it comes in RED?

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