Balance Sheet

Art of Balance

I had a fantastic time piling up the injuries I sustained in figure skating. Most of the arthritic and mobility issues I deal with, now as an adult, are a direct result of skating as it was when I was directly a part of the sport.

So, I have a lengthy “Balance Sheet” of injuries that is evident in my every day life.

1. Knees: arthritis related to impact injuries (get Supartz shots as an adult)

2. Back: arthritis related to impact injuries (take Tizanidine and stretch)

3. Right elbow: surgically repaired in 2010… I learned the hard way that bracing for falls using your dominant hand is not a bright idea.

4. Heels and Achilles: Right foot and tendon surgically repaired 9/2012 and revised 11/22/2013… The left will have to wait.

HOWEVER… there is one injury related to other pursuits. It showed up in 2000. I’ve ignored it over the years until I realized earlier this year that I can’t do that anymore.


Writing, drawing, sewing, or anything involving manual dexterity took its toll. C’est La Vie! I had a lot of fun and couldn’t have avoided this one even if I tried. To deny my interests or to not have pursued academics via pen and typing would have been unnatural.

Anyway, the point of all of this is this… I regret NOTHING. “Should have, would have, could have” serve no purpose other than to make misery, but I’d be a liar if I said that I haven’t contemplated it.

In the end, the conclusion I’ve reached is that this just the natural cycle of things.

– Throwing myself down repeatedly against a hard surface during my childhood and into my late 20’s was bound to cost something physically.

– Forgoing tests in favor of papers, taking copious notes, and writing my hands numb has led me to the finite diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel. Like I didn’t see it coming…

So, I’ll get it repaired and hope that’s the last I’ll see of it. I’m not going to stop doing the things that I love to do such as learn and write and sew and draw and the list goes on. My papa still does his daily crossword despite Macular Degeneration… with the help of a magnifying glass.

What I will do is face it and be grateful that there are people out there that have the expertise to treat it.

I believe Life has a “Balance Sheet” when it comes to pursuits. We all pay in one way or another, but we sure have a good time racking up those debts!

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