Life is…

I’ve done something to help myself, and some of my family and friends will be praying for my soul when I tell them.

I’ve come out of the closet. The RELIGIOUS CLOSET.

I’m a Buddhist.


That’s right. If your heart just stopped, after it starts beating again, feel free to pray for my immortal soul, I know you care for me and appreciate that but that’s something we have in common – COMPASSION FOR EACH OTHER.

We all have our paths in life. And, if we’re lucky, we get to cross paths with people that care for us just we care for them.

Jason Schmeisser being the greatest of all relationships and allies in my life. I am one lucky woman.

Oh yeah, I’m definitely EXTREMELY LUCKY to have a lot of paths intertwined with mine with love, compassion, and camaraderie. My family is filled with wonderful, supportive, unique individuals… and I make sure to include friends in the family category as well. We might not share legal and/or genetic hard-line connections that have somehow limited the definition of family in our society.

I’ve always believed it’s all about the relationship your heart has with someone.

For example, Shane Darst. He’s my brother. No, really! He really is my brother although not in any genetic or legal sense. We are connected. There are other men in my life that I feel that connection to as well.

The same goes for Melody Jones and Margo Bergman and Jean-Marie Degville and on and on and on… they’re my sisters.

And, there are so many, many more people in my life that my heart and mind feel and see this way. BTW… if I didn’t name your name, I’m sorry. I love you, it’s very, very, early, and only half my the neurons in my brain are online at the moment… Jan Houston Daley, Angela Banks, and, yes, the list keeps going and more names pop into my head, but for the sake of content, I digress.


There’s a link on the right side of my page if you’d like to learn more.

“But, Bonnie, how and why Buddhism? I thought you were Lutheran.”

I still think Christianity is awesome. Honestly, I respect all religions. However, there are always bad apples in every bunch that warp and twist beliefs for their own personal gain or agenda.

(Unrelated Side Note to Side Track… I’ll get back on the train after I write this. The 5 AM news is on right now, and they just covered a story about Bigfoot and how scientists have new and very convincing evidence that Bigfoot-like creatures are real. It was complete w/ HD Video footage. The creature looked just like Chewbacca save for the weaponry. Maybe, they’re engineers that can repair hyperdrives as well? Sorry, I just had to share that.)

Ok, so if you have read or would like to read some or all the material here on this blog… you either know or will know that inner peace, improving my outlook, and “bettering my world view” is a big deal to me. My past, like most people, has some very dark and disturbing corners.

Buddhism allows me to turn the light on and light up my awareness or, you could also say, “my room”. Not only have past events been haunting me, my reactions to CURRENT events have been hampering me.

My Aunt Linda, who is awesome… so is my cousin (and all the other cousins, too), Amanda, responded to a query her husband, my Uncle Rick, brought to her. “Why is our daughter such a Bitch?”

I can’t remember her exact words, but this was her response.

Aunt Linda: “Because she comes from a long line of bitches. Her mother is a bitch. Her Grandmother is a bitch. Her Great-Grandmother is a bitch. And her Aunt (my mom) is a bitch. It’s her heritage and right.”

So, I, apparently, I got the “Bitch Gene”. I, also, got “Control Freak, Berserker, and Weirdo Genes” in addition to the general European and Native American genes.


Now, having said that, I became a Buddhist in order to improve my awareness and compassion for others. I may never reach full Enlightenment and “become a Buddha”, but I will keep moving forward in my quest to better my awareness/outlook and improve myself.


Puppies Versus Kittens Flying (Slow-Motion)

Seriously, if you haven’t seen this YouTube video, you’re behind the superfluous current events of the internet!

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