The Conundrum of Failure Despite Success

I’ve written about Imposter Syndrome – something I was cursed with as are a lot of people. So, Bonnie… why are you writing about it again? Easy, I’ve been given some seriously amazing chances that only come once in a lifetime, and I’m terrified of them. Yup. I’d like to blame my 20+ years as […]

One Of the Worst

on behalf of Strudel and her Family… I recently wrote about the loss of my canine brother, Skittles. My family is still grieving; so, when I saw this posted by a fellow animal lover and friend, I knew that all people should know that the post that I’m going to share with the author’s permission […]

In Honor of My Brother with Paws, Skittles…

There is nothing harder than losing someone that you love. So, when my Mom told me that by little brother was crossing the Rainbow Bridge, a pain I know all too well gripped me in sympathy for what my mom and stepdad, Cary, were going through.And, yes, Skittles lived a great life. I’m grateful that […]

Pasta, Pasta Impostor In Pasta

Nothing I write here today has to do with pasta or cooking. I’m sorry if that’s why you clicked here. Please, feel free to find your Pasta Mecca or hang around and see what nonsense lies ahead. Last week… or week before last (blame COVID for all the days running together), a writer that I […]

Bullies Getting Free Rent

I’ve been giving away free rent. Seriously. While it’s metaphorical rent, it’s still space at no charge – space in my head. I’m referring to a couple of bullies. One I won’t talk about because I just want to continue the progress I’ve made – My Dad. The other? Another family member that has been […]

An Open Letter to Classroom Teachers

Dear Teachers, Congrats on choosing the most important job in the world – the shaping of young minds. One such young mind, myself, is pictured here in my first selfie in 1984. It was totally accidental on one of those old 35mm cartridge cameras. I love the red tongue from the sugar-free popsicle I was […]

Depression, Depression, Go Away, and Never Return Any Day

I’ve talked about PTSD here… MANY TIMES. One thing that I haven’t really discussed is the anxiety driven depression. Couple that with hypervigilance, whoo wee…. what a heady brew that keeps me from wanting to join the world! Recently, we had some financial issues come up that genuinely TERRIFIED me. We’re talking uncontrollable shaking, thought […]